Ayurvdeic Treatment in Kovalam
Ayurvedic Treatment
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Ayurveda is a combination of science and philosophy, which details the many physical,mental,emotional and spiritual components necessary for holistic health.Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots-Ayus and Vid, meaning life and knowledge. Ayus or life represents a combination of body, the sense organs, the mind and the soul. Thousands of years ago this Ayurveda is originated from the Hindu books of knowledge called Vedas. this book includes a detailed dissertations upon the treatment of the sick using manthras,herbs and potions
Ayurveda is an excellent guide for health and living in a good and normal way.Ayurvedic theory is based on the individual constitution of the person. According to which he/she is susceptible to certain illnesses. by doing the treatment of Ayurveda restoration of their dynamic balance regulates the life cycle and controls the entire body.