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Beach Holidays, Kovalam, Varkala
Sun kissed beaches. Secluded coves. Cool blue waters…. The coastal towns of Kovalam and Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram inspire with its refreshing nature and pristine environs. Here, history and culture are rooted in nature, waiting for you to explore and revel in its mystic charm. And as ever grain of sand whispers to you the secretes of true happiness, each whiff off unpolluted air revives your body and soul
The 600 km coastline of Kerala teems with spectacular beaches, like the much sought-after Kovalam that adorn its southernmost belt. Here, solitary beaches hug the serene backwaters, scared temples stand next to placid lakes and nature at its beautiful best is seen all around you. Hidden away between rocky headlands are the three world-renowned, crescent-shaped beaches of Kovalam – the Eve’s Beach or Howah Beach, Lighthouse Beach and the Ashok Beach – that make this destination truly remarkable
According to a myth, saga Narada was approached by mendicants who confuessed to having sinned. Narada threw his valkalam (cloth made of the bark of a tree) into the air, and the place where it landed came to be known as Valkala and was subsequently named Varkala. The mendicants were directed by Narada to offer their prayers in the newly created place by the seashore.
The place where they prayed for redemption came to be known as Papanasham, which means salvation from sins. The sacred temples and blessed water lend a sublime air to Varkala where red cliffs are fringed by lush green coconut palms and golden beaches