29 Kilometers form Kovalam
Approx 3 hours
9 am. Return to Kovalam approx 7 pm
tree house of neyyar dam
tree house at Neyyar dam
Travel thr ough Neyyardam to most beautiful place of Tree House at Neyyar
Take journey approximate 29 km  from city we get into the beautiful garden in Neyyardam covered fully medicinal plans with good smell, there situated Tree Houses for travelers. On the way we visit to.
One day tracking Neyyar-Kombai-Meenmutty (Boating 9 km up to Kombai and guided trekking  to  Meenmutty water fall 6km )
Two way trekking (Boating 9km up to Kombai and guided trekking to Meemuty falls and to Theerthakkara-Puivizhutham Chuna 12 km over night half at camp house Meenmutty and back guided row boating deer park, trekking in forest visit crocodile rehabilitation center, deer park, Lion safari park.
A three hour climb over the hills across the reservoir affords the thrill of hiking